A chat with Eloise Jenkins
March 18, 2022

A chat with Eloise Jenkins

Eloise wears the Faith Top in Honey

We've been lucky enough to collaborate with Eloise since our first collection launched (the proof is here), when both of our businesses looked very different. Over the years, we've connected over puppies, design and the ins and outs of owning your own business.
Though we've never actually met in person, I can't help but feel that we've developed the modern version of a penpal relationship. Eloise has always been an amazing support, creator, and all round great gal to chat with - so we thought we'd share the love and have a little chat on the blog.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi!! I'm Eloise, I live on the Central coast NSW with my partner & two dachshunds. I run my studio, Apricate Studio providing branding, packaging and photography to beautiful clients.
Eloise wears the Faith Top in Camel.
Eloise wears the Faith Top in Honey.
What does a typical day look like for you?
Normally my partner Tom will (kindly) deliver me a coffee or tea to bed as I wake up, which is probably the only consistent thing about my days haha. Sometimes it may be full of appointments or calls, other times I will be in my sunroom shooting photography for clients, or at my desk, or sourcing props.
Do you have any special rituals that help your creative process?
I am religiously writing lists, both in my planner and in Milanote on my computer. It helps me to stay focus and break things down into a more manageable size. 
Eloise wears the Faith Dress in White
Eloise wears the Faith Dress in White.
Did you always want to work in Graphic Design?
I was always interested in Art, my mums side of the family are all very creative and I loved to keep an art diary from a young age. Graphic design came from my love of packaging and grew from there.
Where is your favourite place in the world?
This feels hard! It's difficult to name just one place but I definitely feel at home at my local beach Norah Head with my partner Tom & pups. Avoca where I grew up is also a special place for me, I grew up living next door to the theatre and frequenting it regularly.
What inspires you?
So much, I feel like I really try to take in as many small moments + inspiration as possible. I often look to going op shopping, magazines and books for inspiration.
Details of the Faith Dress.
Details of the Faith Dress in White.
You’ve shared so much about your Type 1 Diabetes journey since being diagnosed last year. How has that changed your relationship with your work?
Yes so I was diagnosed last May, it's been a wild ride to say the least. I do see it as a huge lesson to prioritise my health. Anyone running their own business knows that it often comes first and I neglected a lot of check ups / appointments. Now I'm luckily in a position to make sure my health is in check and look after myself more. It may mean taking the morning off for an appointment or setting the boundary of not working weekends.
Eloise wears the Faith Top in Camel
Eloise wears the Faith Top in Honey.
Do you collect anything?
I am an avid collector of clothing like most people (hello beautiful Apartment) however I am quite conscious lately that I only want to invest in pieces that I will be able to keep for the next 5-10 years. One of my favourite Apartment pieces is the Splice off Shoulder dress I photographed in 2020, I find myself always reaching for it! Besides that I do love to collect beautiful still life coffee table books and magazines.
Eloise wears the Faith Dress in White.
Eloise wears the Faith Dress in White.
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