Coming soon - Spring 2023
July 31, 2023

Coming soon - Spring 2023

Inspired by the intricacies of lace, crochet and vintage doilies, our forthcoming collection takes tiny details and blows them up to larger than life proportions.
Woman wearing a doily print shirt holding a pink vase
We zoomed in on tiny lace ribbons, crafted doily inspired inserts and added our signature detailing to create gorgeous femme silhouettes with exclusive in-house designed prints.
First drop starts with the Ines Print, a diagonal stripe on lightweight ramie created from vintage doily silhouettes.
woman wearing a doily print shirt and short set
Moving through the drop, we have the Anais Crochet story, each piece featuring a handcrafted doily insert for a cutout effect with coverage.
Woman seated wearing a cotton shirt dress with crocheted panel
woman wearing a cropped white shirt with crocheted back insert and a midi skirt in white
woman wearing a cropped top and midi skirt in black
Throughout each drop we've created gorgeous satin silk separates and an oversized silk organza shirt designed for working back perfectly with each colour palette.
Woman wearing a semi sheer black silk oversized shirt and long black silk pants
Drop Two introduces the oversized Coralie Print - a larger than life doily print on pure silk in pink with green.
Woman wearing a pink and green halter dress with oversized crochet print
Woman wearing a sheer pink silk shirt tied up at the front and a silk slip skirt in pink
woman wearing a pink and green silk shirt and pant set
Next is the Vivienne - inspired by a lace ribbon this print takes a twist and is printed on pure cupro. We love to style the Shirt and Skirt together for an elevated evening look for early Spring, or try the cotton tee with the Thea Denim Midi Skirt.
Woman wearing a lace print shirt in dusky pink and navy
Young woman wearing a pink and navy print tshirt with a dark denim midi skirt
Drop Three amps up the colour with rich toffees worked back with liac and crisp white. Here we see new colourways in the Vivienne and Coralie - bringing a distinctly Summery vibe perfect for beach holidays and warm city nights.
Woman walking wearing a white and orange silk halter maxi dress
Young woman wearing an orange lace print white tee with a matching slip skirt
Young woman wearing an oversized white silk shirt with orange lace print and matching pants
Young woman wearing an orange lace print white shirt with a matching slip skirt
Young woman sitting down wearing a burnt orange cami dress with lilac underlay
We can't wait to share all the pieces with you, starting with Drop One in mid-August.